Monday, June 18, 2007

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time/Proper 7 - Year C

Call to Worship
When we long for the special effects
we think life should offer:
it is enough, for us, that God comes
in a soft, summer shower.
When we our hearts are cracked
by the drought of doubt,
it is enough, for us, that God opens up
the fountains of faith for us.
When our senses are deadened
by the sales pitches of our culture:
it is enough, for us, that God wraps us
in the silence of grace.

Prayer of the Day and our Lord's Prayer
When we feel compelled
to push everything to its limits,
especially you, Holy One,
it is enough that your grace
can slow us down.

When we stand naked and exposed
to the buffeting winds
of our doubts and questions.
it is enough, Healing Servant,
that you clothe us in your peace,
and put our minds at ease.

When we are entangled
in that legion of worries and fears
which consume our lives,
it is enough, Spirit of Silence,
that you untie the knots
and set us free.

It is enough,
God in Community, Holy in One,
that you are with us
even as we pray as Jesus has taught us, saying,
Our Father . . .

Call to Reconciliation
We long to be set free from those 'powers' which
control our lives; to let go of our fears of 'them;' to
stop trying to build fences between us and those who
are not like us. That is why our longing brings us to
the living waters offered by our God, who allows us to
fill our parched souls with a refreshing drink of forgiveness.
Let us confess our sins, as we pray together, saying,

Unison Prayer of Confession
Like children, we fear that if we tell you what we have
done, God of Justice, you might not love us any more.
We can kill the dreams of those around us with a word,
spoken or withheld. We can make the lives of our friends
miserable, instead of sharing a miracle. We are filled with
that legion of temptations which only leave us empty and
wanting more.

Forgive us, Gracious Father. Remind us that we are no
longer sinners, but your children. Baptized, we are clothed
in the graciousness and faithfulness of Jesus Christ, our Lord
and Savior, who came that we might be set free of all that
imprisons us.

Silence is observed

Assurance of Pardon
God forgives us, so we might be new people. God
equips us, so we might serve others. God sends us
forth, so we might be a witness to everyone we meet.
No one is the same: enemies are now our friends;
those we could not trust now become our confidants;
those we could not hear now speak to us of God's
hope and joy. Thanks be to God. Amen.

(c) 2007 Thom M. Shuman