Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Liturgy w/communion for October 18, 2020 (Pentecost 20/Trinity 19/Proper 24/Ordinary 29 - A)

 Texts: Exodus 33:12-23; Psalm 99; 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10; Matthew 22:15-22

 Call to Worship 
Each morning, God's grace awakens us, 
each evening, God's peace cradles us. 
Compassion is our constant companion, 
as we go through work, school, the day. 
In every moment, God is present with us; 
God whispers words which can change our lives. 
Justice is our faithful teacher, 
pointing to where we can carry out fairness. 
When we find ourselves groping in the shadows, 
God's light will provide a way home. 
We turn the corner, and hope is waiting for us; 
we return home, and find a feast prepared. 
Prayer of the Day 
Steadfast Hope: 
when we want 
to make all the rules 
so we can win every game, 
     you call us to your side, 
     put your arm around us 
          and whisper, 'play fair!' 
When we tremble in fear, 
worried that our lives 
are about to crash to the bottom, 
     you place us in 
     the hollow of your heart, 
          and give us safety. 

Word of Joy: 
when we would follow 
those who pretend 
to be our saviors 
to achieve their own ends, 
     you remind us that we have been chosen 
     to be examples of faith to others. 
When we would 
fill our pockets with 
the treasures of temptation, 
     you ask us to empty them, 
     so we can become 
     servants of hope. 

Crafter of Faith: 
when others judge us on 
our backgrounds, education, looks, 
     you teach us how 
     to treat all people as equal, 
          to welcome each person 
          as our sister or brother. 
When we wonder how 
our needs, our hopes, our lives 
will be made known to God, 
     you mention us, by name, 
     in all your prayers. 
God in Community, Holy in One, 
we know you as 
Glory, Grace, Goodness, 
and lift our prayer to you, saying, 
 (The Lord's Prayer)

Call to Reconciliation 
We know, despite our sincere efforts to live in God's way, that all too easily we slip off the path to the kingdom. Trusting that God will answer our prayers and forgive us, let us confess our sins, as we pray together, 

Unison Prayer for Forgiveness 
Great Lover of Justice, hear our prayers: 
     called to treat all people equally, 
          we take sides and pick favorites; 
     chosen to be your children, 
          we arrogantly assume others are not so honored; 
      challenged to be examples of faith, 
           we reveal our worst natures to our families and friends. 

Forgive us, Giver of Rest.  Enable us to stop putting you to the test, so we can open our hypocritical hearts to your healing touch of compassion and hope. As Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, has 
given all for us, may we give ourselves to you - confidently, completely, faithfully. 

Silence is kept

Assurance of Pardon 
Hear the good news: the One who created goodness and beauty is also the One who shows no partiality, but offers grace and peace to all. 
God has heard our prayers and done the very thing we asked - forgiven us, healed us, restored us. Thanks be to God. Amen. 

Prayer of Dedication/Offering
You do not choose favorites, Holy God, but pour out your blessings on all your children, trusting that we will empty our hearts, our lives, our treasure in meeting the needs of those around us.  Bless these gifts, and use them to bring healing and hope to your people.  Amen.
Great Prayer of Thanksgiving 
May the exalted One be with you! 
And also with you! 
Open your hearts to the One who knows you by name. 
We offer ourselves to the One who is always with us. 
Give thanks to God, all of you, in prayer and song, in silence and service. 
We sing to the One who calls us to worship. 
Holy and Honest God: 
in establishing all that is 
beautiful and joyful, 
     your glory banished chaos 
     and your goodness became 
          the shawl which warmed all creation. 
You shaped humankind in your own image 
and called us, each by name, favoring us with your love. 
But we could not pass by sin and death 
     huddled in the cracks of chaos, 
     and turned towards them, 
         offering a safe place in our hearts. 
Because you would bring your people back to you, 
you sent the prophets 
to teach us your ways, 
     but we thought they were hypocrites, 
     speaking insincere words. 
So then you sent Jesus 
to show us your hope 
and to reveal your dreams for us. 

Therefore, we join our voices with all your people 
in every age, time, and place, 
who forever sing your praises: 
Holy, holy, holy! Lover of Justice and Peace! 
All creation sings of your hopes, 
     echoing your dreams for us. 
Hosanna in the highest! 

Blessed is the One who comes to reveal your gospel, 
     by word, by grace, by the Spirit. 
Hosanna in the highest! 

Great Giver of Joy: 
you loved the world so much 
that you sent your very heart to us. 
We did not welcome him 
as your beloved Child, 
     turning our backs as he approached us. 
His faithfulness to your way 
     revealed our idolatry of the world. 
His plain spoken truth showed the lies 
     we all too easily accepted. 
He went to the cross, 
defeating sin and death, 
     so he could claim what is yours 
     and give us back to you. 
As we offer you the gift of our prayers and thanksgiving, 
we remember Jesus, your Beloved, 
who bequeathed to us that mystery we call faith: 
We eat this bread, 
     remembering his brokenness; 
we drink this cup,   
     to be filled with his grace; 
we wait for Jesus to come again, 
     constantly proclaiming your love for us. 
Holy Goodness: 
pour out your Spirit of welcome 
on the gifts of the cup and the bread. 
Simple gifts made sacred by your presence, 
may the grain which has 
come to us from many fields 
     strengthen your people to go out 
     and serve in many neighborhoods. 
May the cup which has been filled 
by the fruit of many vines 
     nourish us with faith and hope 
     so our hearts will overflow with grace 
     to those who thirst for your presence. 
And when your people 
have been gathered together 
from every corner of creation, 
we will know one another by name, 
lifting our voices to you, 
God in Community, Holy in One, 
seated upon the praises of our hearts. Amen. 

Go forth now, filled with God's grace.
We will cradle others in God's peace.
Go forth now, with the words that can transform the world.
We will go to speak up for those who are not heard.
Go forth now, taking the Light of God into the world.
We will go into every shadowed corner with hope lighting the way.

(c) Thom M. Shuman